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Bad Credit Auto Loans

Auto Marts in Virginia

Most of the Auto Marts of Virginia that subscribe to our referral program offer three types of automotive financing:

  • Any Buy Here Pay Here on the lot financing for people with really bad credit, and people with new or unstable employment.
  • Indirect lending from subprime auto finance companies for people with Subprime or Bad Credit
  • Direct lending from banks and credit unions for people with Good Credit

Virginia Buy Here Pay Here Auto Mart Financing

If you have really bad credit or special circumstances that prevent a sub prime lending company from granting you an instant auto credit approval, our Virginia Auto Mart Financing may be the best bet for you.  These financing programs at focus on the value of the car, not your bad credit history.   Most the buy here pay here auto marts within our network will finance up to the used car auction value of the car.  That being said, to you will need a cash down payment to qualify for this lending program.  In general, you will need the difference between the retail price and the used car auction value, plus other fees like sales tax and registration fees.

Auto Loans from Sub-prime lenders in Virginia

People with sub-prime or bad credit with stable employment histories will most likely qualify for an insta auto credit mart approval.  With this approval less money down is needed, most subprime lenders with finance the full retail price of the car so you only have to come up with enough money to pay for the sale tax, processing, and registration fees.

Direct lending from Banks and Credit Unions

People with a good or excellent credit rating will qualify for direct lending programs from Banks and Credit Unions.  Often with these finance programs consumers are able to buy a car with no money down.  In other words, your good credit allows you to finance not only the retail price of the car, but the tax and registration fees as well.

Regardless of your credit rating, we have Bargain Auto Marts in Virginia to accommodate nearly any credit situation.

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